Good News 2016-09-02


 CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – On 16 August 2016, Mr. Charlie H. Velez and others of FL Process Design & Tech. Co. requested for assistance through Single Entry Approach (SENA) against the latter on the ground of Non-payment of Service Incentive Leave (SIL).

During the first conciliation conference, the requesting party voiced out their views and with the effort and fortitude of RCMB SEADO Ms. Jocelyn L. Saa, the management finally committed to grant 6 days of Sick Leave and 6 days of Vacation Leave starting this year.  Moreover, the management will also pay their individual commutable Service Incentive Leave since the beginning of their employment.

The requesting party accepted the total amount of Two Hundred Two Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Five Pesos (₱202,755.00) in cash and the committed SIL policy starting this year as full settlement. There were 22 personnel who benefited on the settlement.