October 12, 2021

In moving forward, society must come together and be each other’s instrument in paving the way to a future that values and recognizes social responsibility, especially the physically incapacitated individuals where access to essentials is a greater challenge for them.

On September 30, 2021, the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch X (RCMB X), in partnership with Pilgrim Christian College (PCC), located in Akut Street, Cagayan de Oro City initiated a gift-giving activity to the fifteen (15) deaf mute students.

RCMB X prepared fifteen (15) gift packs containing: vitamin packs, emergency medicines, face masks, face shields, alcohol, rice, canned goods and noodles.

PCC President Pio Baconga personally extends his gratitude to the Branch for reaching-out to these beneficiaries. It was really heartwarming when the beneficiaries, even deprived of speech, still expresses their gratitude through sign language.

Making this world a better place is not measured by how much one can give, but it is the thought and regard to start a movement that can change the way people with disability thinks. That what they have is not really a disability, but a gift that exemplifies the value of humanity – that everyone moves forward, not individually, but together. And in our own little ways, we can come together and become each other’s blessing and manifestation, that life is indeed beautiful and be always cherished.