October 18, 2021

Learning is continuous and boundless. This is a weapon that we could wield in order to break the barriers of indifference and grasp the essence of understanding. That is why to this end, On September 29, 2021, Officer-in-Charge Zenaida M. Fabunan of Lanao del Norte Cooperative, Inc. (LANECO) sent a letter request for a Reorientation of Labor Management Cooperation to be attended by the representatives of their LANECO Labor Management Council.

What they seek is to strengthen their workplace relations keeping everyone aligned to their goal of growth and development amidst the impending health situation. That through their existing Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC), they can continue creating an arena of free flowing ideas and collaborative efforts of each individual member to pave the way for sustainable and effective responses to mitigate the ongoing uncertainty.

That is why on October 11, 2021, the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch X, via Zoom, with its Technical and Administrative personnel worked hand-in-hand to ensure the success of the reorientation of LANECO’s LMC, which was attended by fifty (50) employees. AAVI Cañete delivered the NCMB functions, programs and services; ADASIII Eguia explained the Labor-Management Cooperation being a Workplace Cooperation and Partnership Program; and Supervising LEO Saa presented the DOLE Convergence of Programs.

ADASIII Eguia began his discussion with an interactive activity sought to engage the audience as well as give them a preview on the necessary attributes that exemplify LMC and its value to the workplace. Further, he elaborated on the benefits that labor and management can enjoy in sincerely employing the roles of the representatives in each subcommittee in their LMC and that by establishing an effective line of communication between workers in the workplace will coherently result in mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual support between each other – opening better opportunities of growth, development, and success.

Supervising LEO Saa discussed on the different DOLE offices and attached agencies functions, programs and services. By convergence, all plant-level DOLE programs and services will be delivered jointly. Through LMC, all programs and services will be converged to address work discrepancies, enhance harmonious relationship, foster industrial peace and increase productivity.

The value of cooperation and partnership proves to be evident during these times that we do new things that we are not used to, that through this LANECO can move in unison in providing outstanding service to its clientele without leaving anyone behind. Pushing and moving onwards to Industrial Peace.